Size Disclosure

As per the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 we have to write our size guides as per standard international measurements i.e CMS or Metres.

This however, is not very convenient for customers to choose (quite rightly so) - so as a solution what we have done is that we have disclosed each product size as CMS and inches.

Most customers are aware of their shirt size. For eg. If you wear a shirt size of 42", our size label states Large/42"/107 cms. If it just stated Large 42" it would be more convenient, but we have to write it as per the LMA, 2009 thus CMS has to be included.

Our suggestion/recommendation is that you opt for the size as per your chest size or shirt size in inches. All our products are REGULAR fit, so you won't have an issue. Size down if you want a slim fit.

Our Fit Guide can be accessed here for your convenience

We are a company which is more than 60 years old, so we understand the label can be misleading if you get the product in this way. Please be rest assured we have taken these into account and will not intentionally ship a wrong product. 

Relationships over transactions, always. 

Much Love,

The Team