The Journey of P3 India: From Hand-Knitted Socks to Quality Everyday Basics

Early sketches of ads drawn by Mr. Ketaki Ranjan Danda himself


Introduction In 1952, armed with a capital of just 200 rupees and a burning entrepreneurial spirit to contribute positively to the state of Bengal, Mr K.R Danda arrived in Calcutta, post partition.

The Early Days The journey began with socks. Mr. Danda and his wife embarked on this venture with hand-knitted manual machines. Their roles were divided such that they would work through the night, crafting socks that Mr. Danda would then carry to the market to sell to retailers during the day.

The Challenges and Focus on Quality The production batches were small, as manual knitting machines could only produce a modest 24 pieces per day. This limitation, coupled with their unwavering focus on quality, inevitably affected the pricing. Compared to others, there was a 3x difference.

One significant challenge was "maintaining stocks". When people were accustomed to paying a mere 50 rupees for a pair of socks, expecting them to pay 2.40 a pair was a big ask. That's almost a 5x jump - and for what? Socks?

The Growth of P3 India Over the course of 3-5 years, the snowball started rolling. Word of mouth began to take its course because, as it is rightly said, quality never goes out of fashion. "Yes, these are expensive, but they last longer and are comfortable, so I'd rather pay the premium." It all started with socks, and gradually production expanded into underwear and then vests. The ethos remains the same, the grit remains the same; the only thing that has changed is the end portfolio of products.

Conclusion As a company, even today, when we embark on something new - be it the introduction of a new line or a focus on different materials - we start from the best and work our way down. We challenge the status quo and focus on over-delivering value to our customers. In hindsight, that's never a bad place to start when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Thus, we invite you to explore our wide portfolio of goods, from t-shirts and bottoms to mercerised heavy-duty premium polos, to see what we stand for and what we believe in.