Our Story

We started our journey as P3 India in 1954, with a simple focus on quality and craftsmanship. Our first product was socks, handcrafted with the finest materials. We believed in getting the basics right and providing a product that stood out in terms of quality, feel, and durability.

At P3, we're obsessive about details, fits, and cuts. We spend months on our products, testing them in different situations. We manage our entire supply chain from yarn to fabric, which involves a lot of challenges, but we believe in working hard and figuring things out for ourselves.

Our Ethos is simple. We stand for Perfect stitch, Perfect knit, Perfect finish. We strive for perfection and innovation, developing sustainable fabrics, better patterns, and custom blends. Our goal is to provide comfort and happiness to our customers.

We take full accountability for our products. We have a 15-day no terms included return policy. We believe in not wronging our customers, no matter the circumstances. 

In full disclosure, being a company that up-skills everyday, we work to learn from our mistakes and never get complacent. We believe there's always room for improvement. We listen to our customers' feedback and make necessary changes to our products.

This is our story, the story of P3. It highlights our commitment to quality, our dedication to our craft, our accountability towards our customers, and our continuous strive for improvement. It embodies the value and ethos of our brand.