Our Why.

To build a range of functional, comfortable apparel for all humans for any hour of the day - be it while sleeping, working out or socialising with 1 or more people.

Our How.

We use the best machines, in addition to the best yarn and have strict manufacturing standards. Our experience dates back to 1952, when the country was 5 years old! We do a lot of research before releasing new products and work everyday to improve ourselves - constantly re-inventing, constantly questioning how can we do better.

Any complaint is taken up very seriously as we believe in one thing - not to do wrong by any customer. We exist because of you & we owe you this much. 

If you do not like a thread in the product, you can return it and we will refund you 100% of your money.  

Our What.

P3. Perfect Knit. Perfect Stitch. Perfect Finish. Everyday basics - thoughtfully designed with 100% attention and accountability to all our customers.