Shipping Charges, COD Charges and why we do what we do

In view of transparency, we would like to clarify why we do what we do.

For delivery of our goods, we mainly opt for 2 couriers :

  • FedEx
  • Delhivery

Courier charges for Prepaid orders come to 100 rupees - we bear this cost because we feel since you, our customer has trusted us with your money, we owe this much to you.

From a product standpoint a flat discount ranging from 18-30% is applicable (depending on the type of product and the qty chosen). For eg. if you choose 2 henleys worth 279 each, your total is 558(279x2) (PREPAID); the same with COD is 668. Since you have opted for a PREPAID option, we bear the extra charge and give you a discount of 100/558 ie. 17.92%.

We request you to bear the 150 rupees charge as this charge is paid directly to the courier boy who will deliver your product and collect the requisite billed amount. 

Today, we as a company cannot offer you free shipping on COD orders purely because we are not yet of the size and stature for us to be able to do that.

With your help and cooperation, one day we will be able to.

We cherish each and every customer who places an order on our website and we will always follow through with our refunds and requests. 

Thank you for understanding,


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