The Cloud® Polo - Anti Curl Collar, Soft with anti-bacterial properties.


We wanted to make a Polo that was one of the softest Polos you could wear. As a company which is more than half a century old, we prioritise quality over EVERYTHING.

After the recent launch of our Inka Polos that put us on the map, we received so many suggestions and requests to come up with a Polo that would not only match the Inka but also be even MORE durable. It really made us think - to improve the quality, what avenues could we explore more. 

We persevered, testing and washing samples till we were happy with what we got. Thus, we present the Cloud® Series. 


The Cloud® Polo has been under production for a while, but the task was the fabric. Cotton is always KING, so we knew we had to up our game.

As a starting point, #1st we researched fabrics which were environment-friendly. We felt that when we made the Cloud® it had to encompass this idea. Why ? Because we want to be conscious about the environment. #2nd was the fit. Our Polos are known for comfort - in terms of fabric and fit. When we made the Cloud®, both could have been better, so we did. 

Our research did come across a few obstacles. For instance, we are not a fan of synthetic fibers, despite its advantages. A synthetic fiber such as polyester is cheaper to produce compared to cotton. Shrinkage is not an issue, but the only compromise is comfort. In humid and hot weather, they are not ideal. 

Further digging revealed that synthetics have undergone a huge transformation since the 1900's. New fabrics such as Rayon and Modal® have been developed to combat the notion regarding the 'comfort' aspect of synthetics.

We opted for an upgraded proprietary custom blend. Cotton and Cloud® - the result spoke for itself.

The fabric ended up being more absorbent than cotton (approximately 50%). Thus, ensuring a balance of the body to regulate its body temperature and maintain water balance. Moisture for example is directly absorbed from the skin and transported to the inside of the fiber, rather on the surface where bacteria may grow. Thus to some extent, it is faster to wick moisture, odour free, more skin-friendly than Modal®, Cotton and wool thus reducing skin irritation to some extent. 


We would like to think so, but to be very honest, we are in no position to decide. So please take the time and try it. Let us know if we are right because we value each and every single one of you and your opinions. 

Much Love,

The Team


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