French Terry 2.0

This is French Terry 2.0. When we released French Terry 1.0 last year, we learned so many things. We were thoroughly educated in terms of fit, shrinkage and fabric choice. Last year, we opted for 100% Cotton French Terry with brushing.
When brushing occurs on a fabric, it is a style of combing fabric so that the yarn gives a fluffy texture. It is perfect to wear and it super comfortable, but it has one small drawback - shrinkage. Especially when brushed yarn reacts with different types of detergents, it reacts differently. Sometimes, it shrinks more and sometimes it shrinks less (shrink allowance 0.5 inch is already accounted for in the production process) - but for us, not knowing how fabric reacts is strict red flag for improvement. 
This year, we developed a micro-sand texture as shown in the picture below. Micro-sand French Terry is an age old knit, perfect for layering over different types of winters. We blended this fabric using a little bit of Lycra (5%) to maintain shrinkage and for a better overall fit of the product. 
It is coated with some light peaching which gives you enough thickness to be just the right amount of warm. 
The care instructions for micro-sand french terry is important. Remember, we build our products to last and thus we confidently speak about our P3 Guarantee when it comes to each product available on our website. For this fabric, remember to use your hand to wash. French terry is a delicate knit and it is always better to wash these via hand. If however, you happen to be a senior citizen or just like the sound of washing machines - remember 2 things - Machine Wash Cold and Tumble Dry Low.


The Sweatshirt designed below has a very relaxed fit. Our model Imran has a chest of 41" and is wearing a medium, finished at 44" on the chest. 


We are excited for this collection to drop next week and have already received 100+ emails regarding them. Thank You for the love. We are and shall always be grateful for the encouragement. Hope you love it as much as us!

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