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This brand was born in 1954. 



stands for...

 Perfect Knit | Perfect Stitch | Perfect Finish 

We have been designing and manufacturing apparel since 1952. At that time, it was socks and underwear. First we started hand manufacturing socks. Being a family business which is that old we have been embedded with the principles of hard work and persistence.

Late Mr. K.R Danda, the founder of this company did not like taking no for answer. So when he made his way from Bangladesh post 1947, he wanted to do something that would be the pride of Bengal. That man, worked his socks off and he was gifted in terms of his knowledge about machines.

The first product he manufactured by hand were socks. At that time (In the 1950-60s), one had to manually operate machines to make them and he spent days and nights working on them to make the best quality product out there.

We heard stories of how he use to carry his socks (made by himself and his wife Mira Danda) - walk shop-to-shop and push his product to the retailers of Calcutta. 

You know what never runs out of fashion? 


It was not rocket science that if you maintain your quality and show persistence in honest product and service, time will reward you. 

And that is what happened...


To keep this simple, we believe in designing and manufacturing your wardrobe essentials so that you can tackle the bigger things in life. 

We pick the yarn, we choose the process and we work tirelessly on cuts, samples and testing to get it right.

We are cautious about the details and always aim to get the small things right so that when you, our customer pick up a P3 product, you have our utmost attention and care in it.   


If you do not like a thread in the product, you can return it and we will refund you 100% - any complaint that you give us, we take very seriously because we believe in 1 thing.  You may or may not buy from us and that is completely okay. But we will not do wrong by you, no matter what the circumstances. We take full accountability for our actions and decisions. Period.

Hope to see you/talk to you soon.
Much Love,
The Team

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