Why our Crew Necks?

There are a few reasons why we believe in our crew necks.

Over time, with each use, our crew necks will become softer. We use a special process called "Cot-Silk®" - used to make the fabric we use much softer.

100% Cotton is our forte. We make sure we choose the quality of yarn because any product, be it from us or anybody else depends on the quality of the yarn. So for example, if a product shrinks too much, the main reason for this is the quality of the yarn used. 

Also, our crew necks do not sag. Most crew necks after 3-8 uses cause their necklines to sag. Overall, this affects the durability of the tee. We felt this was a problem because it was - so we made sure our crew necks have a non-sag neckline. Wash it as many times as you want, it will not sag. 

When you buy a product from us, we make sure we give you value for money. It is more important that we give you value for money than make a sale. This has been instilled in us ever since we sold our first product online and we hope to continue it in the future.

Much Love everyone, 

The Team :)

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