Knit Mandarins 2.0 - The Story.

This year's mandarin collection is a little exclusive. We release this product once a year after going through a lot of research in terms of what colors to choose and what subtle improvements we can make in them. 

2019 was no different. We did brainstorm for 2-3 months and decided to take inspiration from the small things in life. For eg. the Candy Drops Mandarin is purely predicated on candy floss, a simple sweet we use to eat after school or at a birthday party. The Thar mandarin drew its color from the city of Jaisalmer and the Sonar Kella walls. Cloud White is taken from the fluffy little things you see in the sky on a bright summer morning. Sea Moss was a color we launched in the half sleeve collection, being so popular we decided to replicate it here. Tea Leaves were taken from our everyday chai or tea. Roasted Beans came from our morning coffee - because coffee is crucial :)

All these colors are not really drawn from the same pool of things, but this year we wanted it to have a wide spectrum.

We changed the fit from last year. So this year our Knit Mandarins 2.0 has a much better streamlined (not tight) fit. The length has also been adjusted and the fabric improved (vastly)

We hope you like this collection because the construction of this product took 1.5 months. Please let us know if you have any suggestions. Trust us, we file it under "Future Improvements" and look to execute on it every time we sit down at our design table.

Much Love, 

The Team

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