The Breeze Polo

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    The Polo has not seen much innovation for a long time. When we decided to release our new "Breeze" collection, we wanted to keep in minds 3 things. 

    • Fabric
    • Stay Put Collars
    • Fit

    We ran a survey for our Inka Collection and this is what we found. 

    • 78% of people preferred the fit of the Inka Polo
    • 37% of people preferred that the length can be shortened by 1.5 inch
    • 62% of people preferred the logo in front of the pocket should be removed
    • 100% loved the fabric

    We worked on the design of this Polo for about 3 months - tested numerous samples, tried it on different body types and washed it numerous times - testing colourfastness, shrinkage & overall fit post-wash. 

    End Result ?

    We love what we got, now we hope you do too.


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